Grupo Gloria


Son!, drink the milk!, my mom used to say and that words came to my mind and the whole staff as well, while we were doing our daily activities and then our Group Gloria knocked the door asking for our creative team.

So, the Gropo Gloria agent, let us know that his company need a re-design of their milk labels which was not destined for the local market, but the international market. What means a dobule reason of happiness for us, but at the same time, a big responsability for our staff. After the meeteing, and find the perfect cow, crombing and  gooming it, to be the protagonist, we developed the packaging in two versions: cans and bags. Our main idea was reflect the company image,  which means to transmit that every single consumer is drinking the best from the Peruvian ground.
Keep growing up and being bigger, GRUPO GLORIA

LSO Fuego™

  • Creative Director / Rubén Álvarez. 
  • Art Director / André Meiggs.  
  • Designers/  Rubén A. / André M. / Luiggy C.
  • Brand Manager /  Nahomy C. / Ingrid P. / Luccie M.
  • Brand Psychologist / Luiggy C.