Leimars Corporation

Lawyers Firm

Projects like the LEIMARS CORP. one, make feel us very happy, as in LSO Fuego really enjoy get entrepreneurs which take care of the environments and how it has directly relationship with the wellness and the development of the humanity. So, when our project manager recieved in her inbox a mail with a request of our friends od LEIMARS COPR to have a meeting and we inmediately and after the message was read, we were in their offices fastly.


After a kindly chatting with coffee and cookies, we get them inmediately what they as a company want to reflect to their target and that was we developed theri website, giving a corporative image of what they are as a organization: Sobriety, elegancy and importance for the environment.


But, every website must be supported by a premium graphic line which allow to the communication be clarely with users. And that is reflected in our work in socialnetworking sites that they also asked for.
Thanks for rely on us, keep doing the Earth a better place where to live, LEIMARS CORP.

LSO Fuego™

  • Creative Director / Rubén Álvarez. 
  • Art Director / André Meiggs.  
  • Designers/  Rubén A. / André M. / Luiggy C.
  • Brand Manager /  Nahomy C. / Ingrid P. / Luccie M.
  • Brand Psychologist / Luiggy C.