Liliana Albarracín


This is one of those evenings where our work kept coming and we were always in constant act, in our house, as we say, “we have fun working.” And between the hunger and endless work we realized that we had a new visit at the agency.

It was Liliana, a great parapsychologist with a long career who very kindly joined the conversation and told us that she was interested in making a makeover to her brand as a professional in the supernatural environment. Liliana always carries with her that Egyptian eye that her mother gave her several years ago and which, because of her emblem, causes her much affection and affection to succeed. That’s how we considered using their personality receptors to create this magical graphic line.


LSO Fuego™

  • Creative Director / Rubén Álvarez. 
  • Art Director / André Meiggs.  
  • Designers/  Rubén A. / André M. / Luiggy C.
  • Brand Manager /  Nahomy C. / Ingrid P. / Luccie M.
  • Brand Psychologist / Luiggy C.