Natural Food Vending Machine

Days ago we were in search of a new challenge for our team, until Leslie comes to us and everything changed, that’s how we met Nutrivend, including us who came up with the name, because we realized that such a project was more than generated , was necessary.

Nutrivend is a new line of health food dispensing machines. This great idea proposes to break the monotony in unusual places and reach of the consumer and achieve a healthy and natural life at any time and at any time.

 That is why in the design project of the whole Brand was carefully thought. Today, nutrivend is distributed in large companies being market leader, success which as an agency we feel very happy.

LSO Fuego™

  • Creative Director / Rubén Álvarez. 
  • Art Director / André Meiggs.  
  • Designers/  Rubén A. / André M. / Luiggy C.
  • Brand Manager /  Nahomy C. / Ingrid P. / Luccie M.
  • Brand Psychologist / Luiggy C.