Rien Ne Prouve Ma Locura.

In the process, we find great graphics and new discoveries, we wanted to implement forever and that would have been more expectant, we never stop testing and developing exercises until it happened.

On 19 August this year the “British Studio of Graphic and Plastic Arts” got in touch with us to give us the opportunity to be part of the new edition of a super interesting compiled where participate greatest artists of all British country and which they were inviting us to be part of. Great!.


The communication that we requested was set by the artistic connection cover all represented in this book with Admired to buy this great compendium people.


Born of an Italian poem, which was written in the handwriting of a great writer, who described his last hours of life, drawing canvas and painting pictures, from cancer, this Italian old dies, but in return, I leave a book entitled “The Story Of The Voices”British organization which honors this year and by some of his verses which takes name.
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276 artists participated new British experimental art collective for which we are more than happy to present our work.


We develop an abstract composition applied to typographic work, which, helped us a lot to communicate visual essences and flavors.