The Sport Mask ®

Training Mask

This rough story tastes like Monday afternoon.
Everything was so quiet, until the management of accounts gathered us to tell us that we had something that we would love, and they were not holidays, not yet. A new customer had arrived and we had to give a new image to the Packaging of a super novel product in the market. 

After presenting his interesting and innovative product “Sport Mask” we understood the rudeness and power that transmitted. So, we prepare to take our fire to another level and that light that our client was looking for to give him a new life.

LSO Fuego™

  • Creative Director / Rubén Álvarez. 
  • Art Director / André Meiggs.  
  • Designers/  Rubén A. / André M. / Luiggy C.
  • Brand Manager /  Nahomy C. / Ingrid P. / Luccie M.
  • Brand Psychologist / Luiggy C.