Vinnci International Corporate

International Logistic

How can you trust a logistics operator if you do not inspire confidence ?, is what many users of this service might ask. And as here in LSO Fuego, we know that the trust that inspires a brand, is directly proportional to how it looks outside, That’s how we decided to describe our friends of VINNCI through its corporate image.


Knowing how reliable your service is, we come to the idea that it is the main feature that would have to come out, this is how we define the color palette, typography and we added that plus that asked us to trust management,its isologo, The lotus flower.


In addition, reinforcing the concept of trust, we are also aware that any company image should be reinforced with a website that conveys that feeling. So, after navigating the seas of the programming language, we implemented the website, created a special form so that customers can place their orders online, well organized and combed for the photo, a tracking, where users can know The status and location of the load sent through VINNCI.
Thanks for the confidence, VINNCI!